My name is Shey Jaboin and I’m the parent of a child with door

If you are a parent and don’t know how to speak English well, it’s hard asking for help.  When you are a Parent and have a child with disabilities, it can be difficult to find services for your child.

We want you to know that there are a lot of places that want to help:

  • You can call your doctor to ask for help.
  • You can call the doctor of your child.
  • He can give you telephone numbers to call for services.

In Massachusetts,

  • They have different family support services.

You can call them. They can come to your house to see how to help you.  They will ask you questions. They will give you papers to sign before they start helping you.  Sometimes, these people have to send papers to your doctors before they help you. Don’t be scared.

  • These people are there to help.

Sometimes, a nurse from the agency will come to your house to check your child before they give you services.

  • Please remember that you are not alone.

They are parents and other people with disability who needed help too.  They are helping others now.

  • They are disability advocates.

They are making life better for people with disability. When you think you are ready, you will be helping other people with disability too. Connect with other parents who have children with disabilities.

  • Remember to connect with other disability advocates. They are great. They help people like you and me.

For information on Parent Resources

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