Boston-SkylineThere are wonderful museums & sporting events in Boston for those of all ages and abilities to experience.

The following are links and contact information to plan your outing. Be sure to call numbers listed beforehand to address your individual access needs.

Museum Venues

Museum of Science
Everyone can participate at the MOS equally in the excitement of science and technology learning.

Accessible Museum Offerings
This very handy tool  displays many cool accessible offerings at the MOS! Use the filters on this link to display museum offerings that meet your individual access needs.

Contact Nora Nagle, Museum Accessibility Coordinator with any questions or concerns regarding visitors with special needs at 617-589-3102.

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

MFA‘s Access Programs

  • Access to Art Program
    Interactive tours designed for groups with physical and cognitive disabilities, dementia, or those undergoing medical treatment. Also offers individual tours with care partners for those with Alzheimer’s and those undergoing cancer treatment.
  • Beyond the Spectrum – Adventures in Art for Children with Autism
    Special program designed for children ages 8-12 on the autism spectrum, including Asperger’s syndrome, accompanied by parent or caregiver. Program meets the 1st Saturday of each month from 10:30am – 12pm. Call 617-369-3303 for further information.
  • Feeling For Form – Blind and Low Vision Visitors
    Intro Series is available on the first Sunday of most months at 10:30 am.
    Pre-registration is required for all tours.
  • Hand’s Reach to Art
    Throughout the year, a selection of gallery tours, performances, and demonstrations are presented in American Sign Language (ASL) or are sign-language interpreted. On the second Wednesday of each month there is a tour in ASL at 6 pm.

For general access information, call 617-267-9300.
For MFA‘s Access Program Tours, contact Hannah Goodwin at 617-369 or Valarie Burrows at 617-369-3302.

Boston Children’s Museum

  •  Offers information on ASL programs, assistive listening devices, quiet spaces and times. The Exhibit Accessibility Guide uses icons as a guide to navigate the museum based on child’s learning style.
  • The Morningstar Access Program offers children with special needs the opportunity to visit the museum at a time when guests are limited to 100.  During these times, children and their families can explore the Museum with less concern about infections and large crowds. Pre-registration required.

For  further information call 617-426-6500

Free Fun Fridays

Thanks to the Highland Street Foundation, be sure to take advantage of Free Fun Fridays to explore museums and cultural venues across the state for FREE this summer with your family.  Fridays run from June 28th-August 30th featuring parks and venues such as the Museum of Fine Arts (July 12th), Boston Children’s Museum (Aug. 2nd) and others!!

Sporting Event Venues

Boston is one of the finest sport’s towns in the country.  Enjoy rooting for your favorite team.

Disability Accessible Seating at Local Arenas &  Stadiums
This MNIP Fact Sheet, created by Patrick Gleason, offers handy tips and strategies for those buying tickets for accessible seating at arenas and stadiums in New England.


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