With the changing of seasons, it is also time for change at INDEX. After three years as the Blog Editor, I will be leaving INDEX and moving on.

In the beginning

When first approached by INDEX to coordinate their new blog, I had no idea what a blog was; I had only heard the term. But since I loved to write, I thought it would be fun and maybe a new challenge. I was also encouraged by the staff at INDEX who were genuinely excited about the new venture.

I just never realized in the process how much I would learn.

The stories

There were the family members sharing their experiences of anguish and triumph. The community organizations addressing challenges with creativity and a commitment to change.

And most important, there were the people with disabilities themselves who inspired us with their personal stories. I may have worked in the field for over 30 years, yet I am still humbled by the perseverance and ability of those who truly make a difference.

With gratitude

To our guest bloggers and all those who were interviewed, my sincere appreciation. To the staff at INDEX who were such a pleasure to work with, you will be missed.

To you, the readers, thanks for listening.

Over the summer the Blog will go on hiatus with a new format introduced in the fall.

See you then.

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