I am a public health researcher. My interest is in how disability Circle of children with the words Awareness and Acceptance in the middle.affects people all over the world. In the U.S., many doctors and teachers know a lot about autism. Every day we learn more about how to care for people with autism. We are learning to value their strengths. Many students with autism learn in regular classrooms. Many movies and books discuss autism. In the United States, autism is seen, heard, and talked about.

People with autism live all over the world. In many places, there is little known about it. In some cultures, there is not even a word for autism. Molly Ola Pinney started the Global Autism Project (GAP) to spread global awareness. She started it when she lived in Ghana, a country in West Africa. In Ghana, people often believe that evil spirits cause autism. Because of these beliefs, families often keep autism a secret. These families feel very alone. GAP aims to provide people with accurate facts.

Almost 60 million people with autism live in developing countries. GAP is building a global network of people who understand autism. It trains therapists, teachers, and families all over the world. It helps people create autism programs in their own cities and towns. The goal is to integrate people with autism in their own communities. Here are some real life examples of GAP’s work:

  1. Partnership with an autism center in the Dominican Republic – GAP in Dominican Republic
  2. Skill Corps in Kenya, January, 2016
  3. Teaching ABA Skills in India – What a difference a year makes: ABA in India

To learn more, see the Global Autism Project web site.

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