In this month’s blog, we were introduced to Lynn Kilcoyne and Michael Doherty of the Time Exchange of the North Shore.  Time exchanges, also referred to as time banks, are an innovative option for people who want to give and receive services that can make a difference in each other’s lives.

How It Works

For every hour of service you perform for the time bank community, you receive one time dollar towards any service you need in exchange. Services may include child care, housekeeping, home repairs, cooking or simply providing transportation. No service is too small, as time exchanges offer the basic supports people need to get through the day.

Time Banks in Your Area

The following information will help you learn more about six time banks in your community within Massachusetts. Sign up and list what you would like to offer other community members. ..And if you’re not sure what you can give, coordinators will help you find your strengths and abilities.

Time Trade Circle
2 Corliss Place, Cambridge, MA
(617) 299-0882, (email preferred)
Serves Greater Boston area

Cape Cod Time Bank
5 Stage Coach Road, Harwich, MA
(508) 470-8587
John Bangert,
Serves Cape Cod and Nantucket

Time Exchange of the North Shore
52 Andrew St, Lynn, MA
(781) 479-8407
Lauren Kilcoyne,
Serves North Shore area

Valley Time Trade
126 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Northampton, MA
(413) 585-0373
Jenny Ladd,
Serves Pioneer Valley

Cape Ann Time Bank
12 Calebs Lane, Rockport, MA
(978) 546-9551
Nancy Goodman,
Serves Cape Ann area

Co-Act Timebank of Berkshire County
17 Cone Hill Road, West Stockbridge
(413) 232-7937
Michael Costerisan,
Serves Berkshire County

For additional information go to

1 Comment on Finding Your Strengths – Locating a Massachusetts Time Bank Near You

  1. Massachusetts is lucky to have so many organizations so committed to exchanging services and strengthening community! Thank you for writing this and speaking so highly of time banking!

    It has been an incredible experience getting involved in TENS. Not knowing anyone in my new community, TENS was a great way to meet people and get involved. Can’t imagine how the transition to the North Shore would have been without all the great members of this time bank.

    In reaching out to other time banks in the area, I have found everyone so welcoming and warm- what great organizations!


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