I am a doctor, and I am deaf. A deaf person is someone who cannot hear most things. For example, I cannot hear a fire or smoke alarm. Fire safety is important. I use a special fire alarm. There are different kinds.

  1. Strobe light
    • This alarm makes a loud noise and flashes a very bright light quickly. It replaces your standard fire alarm
  2. Shaking alarm
    • This alarm makes a loud noise. It also has a piece you can put under your bed or inside another piece of furniture. If the alarm goes off, it will shake the furniture. It connects to your standard fire alarm.
  3. Low frequency fire alarm
    • This alarm sends out a sound that is deep. It helps people who cannot hear high pitched sounds, but can hear other sounds. It connects to your standard fire alarm.

Most companies can help you find someone to set up the equipment so it is working right. The equipment may even be free. It is important to test your fire alarm once a month and change the batteries regularly.

For more information on fire safety and where to buy fire alarms:


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