As budget cuts wreak havoc on services for people with disabilities, we have a choice.

We can continue to advocate for more funding.  Another option is to really listen to one another and learn what supports do exist.

At New England INDEX we choose the second option. As a  respected leader in providing information and resources to the disability community,  we are now offering a venue for people to give  suggestions and share their personal experiences in regards to the resources we write about.

Thus our blog begins.

And our Blog Coordinator is…

My name is Sue Crossley and I am the Blog Coordinator, which basically means I will either be writing the blogs or editing those written by others.

I have over 30 years of experience working for people with disabilities and their families during which time I learned a few important lessons.

  1. A person with a disability is very capable of choosing their own dream.
  2. To reach that dream in life, whether you have a disability or not, you need support to be successful.
  3. The people who support you may be your family or paid staff from an organization that only serves people with disabilities.

But they also must include people from your community who realize that you have something to offer

I have seen many people with disabilities reach their dreams, including home ownership, because people in their communities supported them.

As Blog Coordinator, I want to find the people and programs in your community who want to help others reach their dreams.

A Blog like no other

Five hands coming together like spokes of a wheel

Our blog will be unique for five reasons.
1. A different topic will be presented each month based on what you have been researching on our website.
2. Your stories will be shared so that we can learn what resources have truly made a difference in supporting people with disabilities in the community
3. Exemplary programs will be highlighted each month, programs that may not just serve people with disabilities, but rather the community at large
4. Guest bloggers will be introduced frequently to share diverse opinions and experience
5. Most important, this blog will provide an opportunity for you to become empowered by learning what is working in your community.

Know your community despite cuts

We all stand together at a crossroads as budget cuts are impacting the life of everyone in our state. At the INDEX we believe that our communities still provide a wealth of resources regardless of funding and we need to learn more about these resources together.

Our blog begins next week with the topic of holiday assistance.

We look forward to hearing from you.

7 Comments on 5 Reasons Why We Need Another Disability Blog

  1. This will be a wonderful resource for people with all types of disabilities including the aged, as there is an underlying similarity to those with disabilities and their families. The need for support and resources are paramount and there are places where they can be found in the community that may not be through traditional sources.

  2. Hi Sue,

    This is so exciting! I love the blog idea and what INDEX is providing for us all. I’m really looking forward to learning more and reading your blog.

    All my best,

  3. Hi Sue,
    Immediate top of my head feedabck..
    Very clear graphic layout but a bit visually boring, (no distractions vs visual entertainment….hard balance!!) and the pathway to where you get to enter your stuff on the blog wasn’t immediately obvious. (You know, like some blogs where you can see instantly where you need to write your thought for the day. )
    Great idea, hope it takes off… I’ll send a more thoughtful response later.

  4. Congrats on your new blog!I am intrigued by your approach – spotlighting what program and services are already available and working. I look forward to reading the stories from individuals who are finding their way amidst all of the chaos.

    Good luck!

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