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Queerability logo

If you’re an active social media user and a disability advocate, you may have noticed a rainbow adorned wheel chair logo in your news feed. If you haven’t, the organization behind that logo is something you should know about. Founded by Kristen Guin, Queerability seeks to extend the voice of individuals with disabilities who identify as LGBTQ. Broadening the visibility of this community demonstrates its validity within the global mainstream and dismantles harmful misconceptions.

Queerability currently has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, but it doesn’t stop there. The organization has recently announced its plans to achieve non-profit status. The founder of Queerability, Kristen Guin, explained that the journey to this point wasn’t easy. “It took me a couple of months to decide to start Queerability” said Guin during an interview on Monday.  Her reluctance stemmed from her belief that she wasn’t qualified. “At the time, I didn’t know much about other disabilities aside autism, and I didn’t feel educated about other LGBTQ issues” Guin said. My talk with Guin, who identifies as autistic and bisexual, revealed that she possesses the characteristics to become a preeminent leader. Her humility, humor, dedication, and intellectual prowess demonstrate that not all ‘Millennials’ fit popular stereotypes. In addition to running Queerability, Guin attends Western Kentucky University where she studies Business Management.

Amongst the recent accomplishments of the organization that, according to Guin, “seeks to increase the visibility of LGBTQ people with disabilities by honoring the intersection and parallels of the LGBTQ and disability experience” include influencing the actions of President Obama. Queerability co-signed a letter with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network to the president and Labor Secretary Tom Perez urging them to include workers with disabilities in the executive order to raise minimum wage. The president listened. View an electronic copy of the letter.

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