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Do you know about Individual Education Plans (IEP)?  Many parents that move to America from other countries do not know what an IEP is. They might be invited to a meeting at the school and not understand why. The letter may be written in English. The language they speak might not be English. These parents might not know what the meeting is about.

Did you know that you have the right to written information in your own language at IEP meetings? You also have the right to have letters sent to you in your language. You also have the right to have language help at the IEP meeting.  The language helpers should be specially trained.

Many parents do not know about language rights. The Federal government has laws about this. If a program gets money from the federal government, they must follow language rights rules. One of these rules is called Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504, chapter 151B.  It says that the school should provide language help to people that need it.

I have gone with many Vietnamese parents to IEP meetings in Boston.  School staff often do not follow language rules. I have seen many parents have trouble. It is important that parents know their rights.


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