Kayak on a lakeWhat do caregivers do?

Caregivers are special people. They give so that others can be happy, healthy and have a better quality of life. Caring and giving can fill a person’s soul. It is also very hard work! Those who are paid workers get very little money for their work but still give all they can.

Caring for a loved one may mean there is no pay for work done. They give care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with little to no breaks. How can a caregiver practice self-care?

How can they deal with stress?

This blog will give some simple, low-cost ways to cope with stress brought on by daily caregiving. Try to make a list of coping skills so that in times of stress you will know what to do. Make sure your list is easy to access, like on the side of the refrigerator. This is a list of ways to help deal with stress:

  • 5 minute self-guided meditation This is a link to a 5 minute self-guided meditation. Five minutes of meditation daily can help to reduce your stress levels!
  • Deep breathing can be done alone or with the self-guided meditation. Slowly take a deep breath in through your nose and slowly let the breath out throw your mouth.
  • Slowly sipping a cup of water may not seem like much. But it helps slow your heart rate and can help reduce anxiety in the moment.
  • Music and dancing can help you release stress. Music can change your mood and how you feel.
  • If you have time and can afford respite, it should be planned. Even one trip that is scheduled per year can give you hope and something to look forward to.
  • Chew gum. It can lessen anxiety and increase your ability to focus!
  • Exercise! Just 30 minutes a day can improve your health!
  • Schedule your coping skills into your day! Just like you do for the one you care for. It may seem simple, but scheduling self-care will ensure that you get self-care!

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