With the holidays behind us and the last of the Christmas cookies gone, I begin the New Year thinking about the need to lose weight. For those of you who feel like they overdid it during the holidays, you may also be trying to find the motivation to get started.

For some, the simple fact that your clothing doesn’t fit and you can’t wear sweatpants to work may be enough. For others, it may be a need to face the year ahead in better health; energy is a good thing and losing weight always makes you feel better.

It doesn’t matter what motivates you, but the point is everyone needs some type of motivation to actually lose the weight and not just think about it. This approach is important for everyone; including people with disabilities.

Everyone needs their own reason

When I think back to all the Individual Service Plan (ISP) meetings I have attended over the years, I realize how often we tell people with disabilities they need to lose weight but we don’t help them figure out why they should want to.

That isn’t right, is it?

If someone told you today to lose weight you may agree it’s a good idea, but you need to find your own reasons to actually do so.

Personal motivation leads to success

Next week we will introduce Nora McShane who lost 63 pounds on Weight Watchers. In the weeks that follow we will also hear from Ashley Poor and Carolyn Wellington who supported Nora in the process.

Nora found her own motivation and lost weight because of it, not because it was in her ISP and someone told her to do so. As you read the blogs this month, think about a person with a disability you know who wants to lose weight but may need help in finding their own personal reasons to do so.

It may help to start with your own.

My motivation this year is fitting into a nice dress for my son’s wedding.

What’s yours?

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  1. Looking forward to hear Nora’s story. This is a subject that we all struggle with personally as well as those of us who are trying to support someone who struggles with weight issues that are affecting their health.

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