graphic showing globe, airplane, suitcaseThinking of going on vacation and want to know what accessible accommodations are available? If so here are nine online links to explore:

Cape Cod
Cape Cod Disability Access Directory has information on wheelchair accessible features at ATMs, beaches, gas stations, health care facilities, restaurants, theaters and transportation for four locations:  Upper Cape, Mid Cape, Lower Cape and Outer Cape.  Click on region on left menu, then click on accessible feature you want to view.

EasyAccessChicago is a visually impressive website which provides a wealth of information for visitors, seniors and residents with a wide range of disabilities.  Here you will find detailed access reports for over 100 attractions, lodgings, restaurants, adapted sports & recreation, transportation and tours.   To see full access information for any property on the list, just click its “Access Details” link.

New York
Accessible NYC lists accessible information on transportation, hotels, restaurants, destinations,  (tourist attractions), and shopping.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles Tourist Accessibility Guide provides information on tourist attractions, outdoor activities and transportation.

California (Northern)
Access Northern California provides information about accessible lodging and recreation in Northern California. .

Rhode Island
Accessible Rhode Island lists accessibility features for restaurants, museums, cinemas and cultural sites in the Greater Providence and Newbury vicinity.

San Diego
Accessible San Diego distributes nine pages of “Access San Diego 2011”, an accessible guide, for preview.   If interested, you can purchase the guide online for a small fee.

Accessible Vancouver lists hotels and restaurants rated accessible for visitors with mobility, visual or hearing impairments.  There is also accessibility information on Vancouver International Airport, transportation and recreation.

Open Britain. net
This is the United Kingdom’s largest directory of accessible accommodation & travel. It includes England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  Click on map for accessible accommodation by region or do an advanced search with scroll down menus.

Feel free to respond to this blog with other useful websites, your favorite accessible destination & experiences to share with others.

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