Speedometer with needle moving from Exercise to "A New You"In the first few blogs this month we learned how to successfully lose weight from Nora, a woman with Down Syndrome who lost 63 pounds on Weight Watchers. To locate a Weight Watcher’s meeting near you, go to weightwatchers.com.

For this blog, my goal was to continue January’s theme of weight loss by offering additional resources. So I started with a simple key word search for “weight loss” in Google and found 218,000,000 links! Needless to say, I was totally overwhelmed.

Then I stumbled upon DPH’s website, scrolled down the home page, and found a site with everything in one place. Mass In Motion is an inviting website that provides simple, practical, and cost-effective ways for Massachusetts residents to eat better and move more at home, work, and in the community. Perfect!

Time to Navigate

Let’s explore this colorful and easy to navigate website together.

Eat Better

Learn about the “plate method”, quick & easy low cost recipes, and money saving tips. If you have a specific question about the foods you eat, you can send your question to Ask the Nutritionist and a registered dietician will provide an answer within two business days.

Move Morebar bells behind tape measure wrapped around apple

Find out how much activity you need and get past your barriers by learning about physical activities for people with disabilities and older adults. Parents can also learn age appropriate tips to help their children move more.

At Work

Since one third of our day is at work, here are some tips for packing nutritious meals and snacks to bring with you. Spend lots of time sitting in front of a computer at work? Look here to explore options for becoming more active at work. Employers are also encouraged to find out more about the Workplace Wellness Program.

In Your Community

Here you can find a walking club, bike rides for ordinary people, local organic food, and Search the Get Active Database to find places near you to be physically active.

I hope you have fun exploring MassMotion and finding tools that will work for you…and be sure to let us know your favorite weight loss resources and tips.

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