I am a therapist.  I am certified to give the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test.  I score the

Little boy sobbing
A little boy sobbing. Intensely upset and overcome with emotion.

test and tell parents what the results mean. Praxis means motor planning.

What is it?

The body’s senses get information. The brain receives the information. The brain processes the information wrong.

The senses that might show symptoms are any or all of the following:

– Taste.                    – Touch.                             – Smell.

– Sight .                    – Sound.                            – Pressure.

– Knowing where your body is in space.             – Balance.

– Able to feel warm, hot, cold, etc.

What should caregivers look for?

Each child may show different symptoms.  Ayers (1979) states to look for:

  • behavior problems;
  • slowness to speak;
  • clumsiness;
  • easily distracted;
  • trouble learning; and/or
  • trouble at school.

The severity of the symptoms can look different from child to child.

How can you help?

Parents can help.

  • NOTICE: Is your child having difficulty at school, home, or with friends?
  • DOCTOR: Is your child having difficulty? Contact their doctor.
  • THERAPY: Bring your child to a therapist. Make sure the therapist is trained in sensory integration.

Caregiver Resources


Ayers, A. J. (1979). What is sensory integrative dysfunction.  In Sensory integration and the child (pp. 56-58).  Location: Western Psychological Services.

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