young family talkingExperts are learning more each day about the role genetics plays in Autism. Sometimes Autism is caused by changes in a child’s genes or DNA. These changes can run in a family. Or, these changes can be new to your child.  A genetic test can help you learn more about these changes.

Why should children with Autism receive Genetic Testing?

•    Genetic testing can explain why a child developed Autism.
•    The test can help decide which services are best for the child.
•    A genetic test can help reveal other health problems in the child.
•    This test can help parents decide if they want to have more kids.

Genetic Testing does not tell you:

•    how a child will develop;
•    how well your child’s treatments will work;
•    who the parent of your child is; or
•    if you have HIV or have used drugs

It is not legal for your health insurance to change based on the results of this test.

A genetic test is often a blood test.  There are different kinds of tests. Your doctor decides which tests are best for your child.

To get Genetic Testing, a doctor can:
1.    order the genetic test; or
2.    refer a child to a genetics team

The genetics team are experts in genes. They can explain in more detail the genetic test and its results. Meeting with a genetics team is often helpful, even if testing is not done.

Many insurance plans cover genetic testing.  But, you should talk to your child’s doctor and insurance company before having the test.

Genetic testing can help children and their families. Talk to your doctor to see if it is a good option for your child.

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