Imagine a library right at your front door! That is what Perkins Library provides. This month we will learn more about this wonderful resource from our Guest Blogger, Debby Smith, Library Outreach Coordinator for the Perkins School Library.

A Library that delivers

We are the free public library for people who have difficulty reading regular sized print. Audio, large print and braille books are delivered to the homes of our patrons by the US postal workers. No postage is necessary.

Our patrons may have difficulty seeing regular sized print. They may have difficulty holding a book due to a physical condition such as arthritis, stroke, Parkinson’s disease. Or, they may have a reading disability.

Whatever the reason, if they want to read, we are here.

US Postal Worker

A wealth of resources

And we don’t just have books.

There are magazines, movies, museum passes. Even the opportunity to read over 300 newspapers across the country and from around the world is available by signing up for a service called Newsline. Subscribers access the service by telephone or computer.

Having worked with people who are blind or visually impaired for over 31 years, it is exciting to see how print materials are so much more accessible. The idea that you can listen to today’s newspaper, the entire thing, any time you want, not depending on someone else, is amazing.

Dean Denniston

Books offer lifeline

As the Library Outreach Coordinator, I have the privilege of going into the community to spread the word about the Perkins Library. It is so rewarding to be able to tell people that they can still enjoy reading.

When I meet with patrons they tell me that books are their “lifeline”. Some people say they read more than ever before because there are so many wonderful books available to them. When I talk to new people they cannot believe that this service is here; it is easy, it is accessible and it is free!

person listening to book


For more information about the Perkins Library, or to get an application in order to apply for services, visit our web site at or call 1-800-852-3133.

Also, be sure to read more about our library in the October blogs to follow.