When I think of the old saying by George Bernard Shaw, “Youth is wasted on the young”, I think I would have to add, “Education is also wasted on the young”. Having returned to college at the age of 53, I truly believe that education as an adult was far more exciting, fulfilling and definitely appreciated than when I was young.

And I don’t think I am alone in feeling this way.

Adult education is valued by all

Adult education, whether it be a bridge class or a masters level course, offers an opportunity to expand our thoughts and explore new subjects. We have all seen the brochures that come in the mail and are often left wondering if it is time to take up piano lessons or join a yoga class. The intent may be social, or you may simply want to improve your life in some way.

As an advisor for a self advocacy group, I have learned that adults with disabilities are interested in further education for the same reasons. For some it is social, yet for many, trainings are a way to improve their lives in a number of areas. From leadership training offered in a Self Advocacy Leadership Series to community employment offered through Explore, Prepare, Act, adults with disabilities are increasing their independence across the state.

Healthier choices

This month, we will learn more about a training that covers a topic near and dear to us all; choosing a healthier lifestyle. This doesn’t just include eating right and exercise but just as important, we will hear more about taking charge of your health in general. With the use of curriculum from an IPAD app, “My Health, My Choice, My Responsibility”, a self advocacy group from HMEA completed a comprehensive training that could be duplicated anywhere in the state.

Their advisor, Pam Green, will share her experience with the training, while a self advocate, Nora McShane, will discuss her experience as a trainer.

Join us this month to learn more about this unique training and how to take responsibility for your own heath.