I have taught a few different programs that teach people how to handle crisis situations.  I have also been the supervisor on duty when serious incidents have occurred while working at a children’s home in NH.   These experiences have proved to be valuable.

·       Step one starts before the crisis.  Think of what you like to do when you are happy.  If you do these activities when you are upset, it may help you feel better.

  • Examples:
    • Taking a walk
    • Taking space in another room
    • Using an iPad or other smart device
    • Knitting
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Listening to music
    • And so many more

·       Get away from what is upsetting you if you can.

·       Use your coping activities to help ground yourself.

·       Do a self-check.  Are your basic needs met?

·       Check in with a friend.


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