We hear school talk a lot about Transitionpath in the woods

Transition is getting yourself ready to do a lot of things after you finish High school.  A lot of people finish high school when they are 22 years old.

A good Transition is:

When school, your parents, and yourself work together to help you get ready.

You can have a good job that pays you money.

You can take a bus by yourself, be safe on the street. You can have your own place to stay. You can live with a friend. You can travel. You can do a lot of things you likegoing to the movies and more. You can go to college to learn more stuff if you want to.

When a student is 14 years old, the school and the teachers work with the student to help him ready to do all these beautiful things after high school. The teachers can go out with you to teach you how to cross the street and be safe. We call it travel training. The teacher can go to your job with you to show you how to do a good job. We call it job training. Sometimes you have to try different jobs to see what you like more.

You can work with your teachers and your parents to learn about money and save money. Tell us what you like and want, and what you want to do when you finish high school. You can learn how to ask for what you want. You can ask for what you need because you are an advocate. You are a good advocate because you can speak for yourself. Sometimes, everybody needs help. You can learn how to help others, how to volunteer, like helping your school, helping your church.

You learn how to take care of yourself. Stay clean. Dress well for the weather. Learn about girl friend and boy friend. How to protect your body. Learn if someone hurts your body, learn to tell your teacher and your parents. You can learn more about eating well and exercise. Tell your parents and your teachers what you like to do when you finish High school. Everyone can help you get ready for Transition.

It is a very nice time because you are now a beautiful young man or a beautiful young woman who worked hard to learn how be independent.

This is all part of Transition.

Find transition resources:

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