For a person with a disability, how and when to disclose that disability, can be a sensitive issue. The first thing you should ask yourself is “Can I do the job?”. If your disability doesn’t affect job performance, then don’t include it on your resume. Don’t bring it up at an interview unless you have to. People with noticeable disabilities may want to disclose the disability at an interview. Each person needs to do what they feel comfortable with. INDEX  has put together  some resources to help you with making that decision.

Self-identification is up to each person.  Some things to think about disclosure include reasonable accommodations, visible disabilities and company culture. When—if ever—to disclose your disability to a potential or current employer is one of the most difficult issues people with visual impairments and disabilities deal with during the employment process.

Job seekers, has disability disclosure been hard for you to decide?  Has it been difficult to talk about job accommodations you might need?  

INDEX Work, Disability Disclosure and Self-identification

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